Thursday, June 6, 2013

Color Dare #45 Entries

We had so many Dream Pop entries - so glad you guys liked this one! I need to get some feedback - do you want me to continue with these entries posts? If you read this, let me know in the comments if you like these or if you're indifferent. I'm trying to decide if I should stop these posts and whether I should bite the bullet and buy the thumbnails for the linky widget. Thanks!!!!!!

Kristin Holm

Jessica Anson

Kristine Tanase

Mary Gunnfunn

Terry Ann Diack


Kim Richardson

Sheila Bennett

Joyce Lau

Jayma Malme

Karen Russell

Michelle Loncar

Gretchen E. Stumme


Marie Flayer DT



Cheryl Even

Pam E.


  1. All so fabby! Dang, I was snoozing this week- made a cute bag with dream pop, and did. It even take a picture before I gave it away- I could have been here! ;0)

  2. these are great projects!... and since you asked, I prefer the "link" thumbnails at the end of the challenge blog post, that would take me straight to the individual's blog post to view the larger picture.

  3. I prefer the thumbnails with the Linky, especially since these photos do not link to the creative person's blog. With the Linky, everything for that Color Dare is in a single post.

  4. Please keep going with these posts! Just discovered them! Thanks.

  5. Awesome pics. You could deep URL their names under their pics so you do not have to pay for the linky.

  6. I like having them all here in one spot. Just my opinion.