Saturday, September 28, 2013

Color Dare #62 Olive & Sweet Leaf

Unfortunately, I am late again. Yesterday was my daughter's 7th birthday, and I was working really hard (harder than I should!) to make it special for her. So now I have time to post this. Next week I will get back to posting Friday mornings.

Here are the winners from last week:

Nancy wins the Color Dare Diamond!

Pam wins the Color Dare Emerald!

Kristen wins the Color Dare Ruby!

Dawn wins the Color Dare Sapphire!

Congrats girls! Don't forget to grab your badge from the top tab!

This week we have a monochromatic color scheme for you:

Sweet Leaf

Lesson: Monochromatic colors are different shades of the same hue. This week we have a darker and a lighter shade of green for you to work with.

I used Olive and Sweet Leaf for the goodie bags and the party hat for my daughter's space-themed party:

Now check out some awesome creations from our design team!

Now it's your turn! Please read our sidebar for complete rules. Have fun!


  1. Wow1 Thank you so much for picking my card! You've made my day! hugs

  2. another lovely bunch of inspirational projects!

  3. Okay, I'm really bummed because I played along this week but I missed the deadline! I thought for sure it was in the evening, but I guess I got confused. Oh well, you can check out my layout here: