Friday, January 30, 2015

Color Dare #127.5

This challenge is a first of sorts!  After planning out the entire year of challenges, we came to discover that we had omitted this week's challenge.  OOPS!  All the challenge photos were taken and it would have taken a lot of time to go back and change all the challenge numbers on the pics so that's why this is challenge #127.5!   We hope that intrigues you and entices you to give this challenge a shot.  The colors are:  Canary, Slate and White Daisy

Here's what our fabulous Design Team has come up with:

Peachy Lamb

Now it's your turn!  Create something using just these three colors--if you don't have the exact colors, use the closest you have.  Take a photo of it, post it to your blog and link it up with us here.  Please include our link and challenge photo in your blog post and use a direct link to link up with us (not your blog in general.)  Most importantly, have fun!  You can read our complete rules on our sidebar.

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  1. 127.5 caught my attention! If we were going to omit a week, this one would be a good one. One less week of winter would be fine with me. Also want to comment on the new pic in the heading; it's very eye catching! It really describes this challenge site without verbal description ~~ nicely done.

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