Friday, April 3, 2015

Color Dare #136 - Pixie, Slate, Colonial White, & Silver

Good morning. How is everyone this morning? I'm fine, but just recovering from a nasty strep throat virus and ear infection with ruptured eardrum. That is not a thing I would wish on anyone! I'm so thankful for the warm weather this week, and I'm looking forward to Easter Sunday. Today I'm dwelling on being thankful for the gift God has given us through the death of His Son, Jesus Christ.

This week we have some pretty Easter colors for you:

Colonial White

Here is what our talented Design Team came up with:

Now it's your turn!  Create something using these colors. If you don't have the exact colors, use the closest you have. Take a photo of your project, post it to your blog, and link it up with us here. Please include our link and challenge photo in your blog post and use a direct link to link up with us (not your blog in general.)  Most importantly, have fun!  You can read our complete rules on our sidebar. 

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