Thursday, July 12, 2012


Greetings from Dallas, Texas! I am having a blast here at convention. But I am dead tired. I thought I would be able to post this new color dare, but I'm having trouble staying awake. So I'll give you a quick update, and I'll try to post tomorrow or Saturday.

Today we got our Fall/Winter 2012 Idea Books. We have some great new products coming out including alcohol based markers, a new Cricut cartridge, fun home decor items and new card and home decor Workshops on the Go. But the most important thing is the updates to our color pallette! It will be a challenge for me on this blog, but I always love a challenge. If you have any specific questions about new products or Convention, just leave me a comment and I'll give you more details!

See you later



  1. My upline, Dawn Ross, is at convention now, too. She sounded just as exhausted as your post sounds. There are so many new and exciting changes that even I was having trouble here at home trying to follow along with Twitter and keep up with demands of 2 small children. I am exhausted still, this morning. LOL But it's all good! I think you will do just fine with your color dare. With 42 colors, plus kraft, there are still 100's of color combo's. Have a wonderful Friday!

  2. YEP ... I'm at home just watching on FB and Twitter. The excitement alone has me sooooo tired. I'm sure the color dares will be awesome. I love the color changes. You can do it!!! You might have to include some of the seasonal colors, but that will be fun too.

  3. Well, now that is backwards! A challenge for you! ;) I can only imagine that you guys are just going on pure excitement over there by now. I only just remembered to come over to check Color Dare today because of all the excitement myself, so I can sure guess your state of mind! Enjoy!

  4. I am thrilled with the color changes... I think we will have TONS of fun. I am ready to go when you are!

    Julia Hammond!